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When you’re starting a new business relationship, you want to be sure you have a solid contract in place that spells out your expectations.

A contract agreement is a legally binding and enforceable agreement between two or more parties. Both parties must sign the agreement, which spells out rights, obligations as well as work or services, assets and liability clauses, the distribution of ownership, monetary terms, and other details that pertain to a business arrangement. It is legally binding, and any violation of the contract can result in legal action and penalties against the violating party.

What Is a Contract?

A contract could be a written statement of intent between two or more people who create a commercial enterprise, such as a partnership agreement contract. The agreement spells out each person’s rights and obligations, and it’s a crucial document that can be used to initiate legal action if the relationship changes for the worse.

Basic Principles of Simple Contract Agreement

Simple contract agreements all follow the same basic principles that cover the following aspects:


Both the client and the contractor are referred to here. It defines each party in terms of the commercial relationship. These are well below the contract sign, where the names of both the contractor and client are written.


It indicates that both sides agree that the relationship is one that was agreed upon during the contracting process. Unless otherwise stated, the relationship may suggest that the client is not really the contractor’s employer and also that the contractor may not be the client’s worker, based on the deal’s status. This is used to identify the nature, extent, and length of the work being done for tax purposes.

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Contract Period  

It specifies the contract’s duration, which is normally noted on the contract as the period of the job being performed until both parties agree to end it. This clause also specifies provisions in the event that one of the parties to the contract breaks it. A written notice is usually sent to the opposing party 30 days before the agreement is to be terminated. The work may be canceled after the designated period expires, even if the job has not yet been completed.

Service Details 

This defines the scope of the work being done or the service that is being provided by the contractor on the project that is being initiated by the contract. The contractor’s roles and obligations are also described.


This specifies whether the contractor will be paid on a daily, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Other monetary terms that fall within the definition of such contracts include tax payable and other tax concerns.

Simple Contract Agreement Template

This deal is made between ________________________ (first party) and ________________________ (second party) regarding ________________________________________________ (a person or a sort of business enterprise). The period of this agreement will commence on _______________ (begin date) and will end on _______________ (date of termination) (end date).

The following are the exact terms of this agreement:

  1. __________________________________
  2. __________________________________
  3. __________________________________

In consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein, the first party covenants and agrees that it shall _________________________________________________________ and second party covenants and agrees that it shall _________________________________________________________.

This contract may not be changed in any way unless both parties agree in writing and sign it. The parties’ full agreement is included in this document and any attachments. The parties, their successors, heirs, and assigns are bound by this contract, which is governed by the laws of the state of _______________.

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Signature ___________________ Signature ___________________

Printed name ___________________ Printed name ___________________

Address ___________________ Address ___________________

Date ___________________ Date ___________________

How to Write a Contract

Many factors must be addressed while creating a contract. If you’re drafting a contract, here are some things to keep in mind:

Begin With the Fundamentals 

Mention who is a part of the contract. Use complete, legal names that appear on legitimate identification cards or other relevant documentation.

Be Specific

Provide as much information as possible. For example, in construction contractor agreements, it should be specified how much the construction budget will be and how much the contractor will be paid.

Length of Term 

Include the length of time a contract will be valid. Rental agreement contracts should clearly state how long a renter would use the premises and if the lease is renewable.

Include Terms Which Will Terminate The Contract 

Write out what occurs if one or more parties violate the agreement’s terms, as well as the legal compensation available to the injured party.

Make Sure That the Agreement Is Clearly Documented

Place all parties’ signatures and the date the deal was made on the last page. To make the contract binding and enforceable, it should be signed by authorized persons.

Make Several Copies

Ascertain that each party has received a signed and verified copy of the contract.

When Are Contracts Void?

Contracts are legally binding, although they can be declared null and invalid under certain circumstances. The following are some of these situations: 

The contract was unlawful from the start. A contract will not be enforceable if it breaches a basic value like fairness, even though it is legal. A contract that requires someone to pay $50,000 for a house worth $300,000, for example, is not deemed fair and will be ruled considered void by a court of law.

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It was signed when one or both of the participants were legally unable to do so. The contract will be invalid if it was executed when one of the participants was a juvenile, was pressured into it, was mentally incompetent, or was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if the activity itself was illegal.


A Simple Contract Agreement Template is a document that maintains track of a contractor’s and client’s contract. It explains the contract, its conditions, and the scope of employment. It also defines the laws and regulations, as well as the circumstances for dismissal and compensation. Contracts are important and should be thoroughly studied and read before being accepted. Always be careful to double-check every piece of information written while creating a contract.

contract agreement template
contract agreement template

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